HORVÁTH ISTVÁN – President – ISPMN

    HETEA ESTERA ROXANA – Vice-president – ISPMN


    The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities is functioning according to the organigram approved by Government Decree no. 893/2007.
    The institute is led by a President assisted by a Vice-president.

    The President conducts the activities of the Institute and represents it before the Romanian government and ministries, the local authorities, and also before different organizations, natural and legal persons both from Romania and abroad.
    The Vice-president is the lawful substitute of the President and exercises competences delegated by the President.
    The President issues orders and instructions within her/his competences.
    The President of the Institute acts as a tertiary authority for expenditure in accordance with the law.

    The following units of the Institute are directly subordinated to the president:

       1. Economic, Legal and Administrative Department, economical Deputy Chief: KÁLLAY PETRU
       2. Audit Department
       3. Department of Studies, Analysis and Research, head of department: GIDÓ ATTILA
       4. Documentation Center, head of department:Kormos Katalin  

    The President is assisted by a scientific consultative council of five members appointed by the President from among the researchers of the Institute.


    Adriana Cupcea – scientific secretary

    Peti Lehel  – member

    Virginás Péter  – member 

    Székely István Gergő – member

    Bokor Zsuzsa - member