Managing Migration and its Effects in SEE - Transnational Actions Towards Evidence Based Strategies


    SEEMIG is a strategic project funded by the European Union's South-East Europe Programme. (SEE/C/0006/4.1/X).

    Project duration: 1 June 2012 - 30 November 2014

    SEEMIG aims to better understand and address longer term migratory, human capital and demographic processes of South-East Europe, as well as their effects on labour markets, national and regional economies. The main goal of the project is to empower public administrations to develop and implement policies and strategies by using enhanced datasets and empirical evidence.

    The objectives of the project are to: 

    • understand migratory, demographic, labour market and human capital processes historically and regionally,
    • analyze longer term demographic and migratory profiles in various countries in South-East Europe,
    • improve data collection for successful evidence-based strategies,
    • promote dialogue between scientific communities, policy makers and state officials,
    • contribute to transnational strategies arising from migration.


    SEEMIG relies on a wide network of partners. Research institutes, universities, statistical offices and local government bodies from eight countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia) and observers from further three countries (Albania, Georgia, Ukraine) are involved.

    The partners from Romania:

    • The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities

                    Horváth István - project manager
                    Kiss Tamás - thematic expert
                    Gabriel Bădescu - external expert
                    Kiss Ágnes - communication manageer
                    Mohácsek Magdolna - assistant manager

    • Municipality of Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania
    • Harghita County Council, Romania


    Activities of SEEMIG partners encompass:

    • compiling datasets on longer term processes,
    • developing foresight scenarios to predict migratory processes,
    • building capacities of local and regional authorities to enhance statistical data,
    • providing conceptual framework to analyze longer term demographic and migratory profiles for improved datasets,
    • organising workshops and stakeholder focus groups to draft local, national and regional strategies.

    RIRNM researchers contribute to the SEEMIG project both on theoretical level and with empirical data (case of Romania) by:

    • historical national level analysis of the migratory profile,
    • identifying the shortcomings of existing data production systems,
    • collection of key data for complementing data sets on SEE level,
    • overview of existing major population projections for Romania,
    • recommendations for the future enhancement and use of foresight and projection methodologies,
    • compiling the country report.

    RIRNM research inputs, SEEMIG reports:

    • Kiss Tamás (2013): Analysis of existing migratory data production systems and major data sources in Romania. The report can be accessed on the SEEMIG webpage, here. It has been also published in the Working Paper Series of the RIRNM (No. 52/2013)
    • Horváth, István - Kiss, Tamás (2013): Dynamic Historical Analysis of Longer Term Migratory,Labour Market and Human Capital Processes in Romania. Country report. The study can be accessed on the SEEMIG webpage, here.


    For more information, please visit the main SEEMIG webpage or contact the SEEMIG partners.








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