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    • In May 6-8, 2014, a SEEMIG partner meeting and the SEE Migration Roundtable entitled Data system reform for Managing Migration Effects in South-East Europe took place in Trento (Italy). The roundtable presented SEEMIG findings related to the identified pitfalls and adequate actions to address the problems on enhancing datasets and databases in order to contribute to a better management of migration-impact in Central-Eastern Europe in general and partner countries in particular. The roundtable aimed at facilitating transnational dialogue between SEEMIG and other projects (for instance, MMWD/Making Migration Work for Development) and actors operating in the SEE area that face similar challenges as those tackled by SEEMIG. The agenda of the meeting and the press release can be accessed at the SEEMIG web page, here. The agenda of the meeting and the press release can be accessed on the SEEMIG webpage, here.


    • In March 2014, Tamás Kiss and Grigore Barna prepared the Action plan for enhancing data production systems on migration in Romania. The paper was discussed within the framework of a master class organized by the Harghita County Council (SEEMIG partner) in Miercurea Ciuc, on May 23, 2014.



    • In January 27-30, 2014, SEEMIG partners meet in Sofia, Bulgaria, to discuss the latest development of the project. An increased attention was paied to the methodology of compiling the national Action Plans. These Action Plans aim at enhancing data production systems and the management of migration, the specific problems being already identifyed by SEEMIG partners.


    • In November 2013, the paper entitled Analysis of Existing Migratory Data Production Systems and Major Data Sources in Romania elaborated by Kiss Tamás has been published in the RIRNM Working Paper series (No. 52/2013). The paper can be accessed here. The paper was presented within the framework of a press conferenc (Sfântu Gheorghe, on the 28th of November) jointly organized by SEEMIG partners from Romania. On this event, the Sepsinet web page (www.sepsinet.ro) was also presented. This is a project initiated by the local government of Sfântu Gheorghe and dedicated to the emigrants of the town.


    • In October 2013, eight country reports were made available on the SEEMIG website, reports prepared by the eight participating countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia).


    • On the 19th and 20th of September 2013, as SEEMIG reached halfway through project implementation, project partners met in Belgrade. Tthe meeting agenda can be consulted on the SEEMIG wepsite, here. The press release issued by RIRNM related to this event can be accessed here (Ro).
    • On the 22nd and 23rd of May 2013, within the framework of the SEEMIG project, it was organized a conference entitled Demographic change, migratory and labour market processes in South Eastern Europe, hosted by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (Budapest). The RIRNM team contributed to the workings of the conference with presenting the current situation of the researches focused on the management of migration and its effects in Romania. István Horváth chaired the workshop entitled Population, migration and labour market - evidence based strategy building. The program of the conference and some of the presentations can be consulted on the SEEMIG website.
    • In April 2013, the project partners submitted two types of country reports: one represents the historical analysis of longer term migratory, labour market and human capital processes, whereas the other is about the existing data production systems and major data sources.
    • At the end of February 2013, the first two working papers were published by partners from Austria. Heinz Fassmann and Elisabeth Musil: Conceptual framework for modelling longer term migratory, labour market and human capital processes; Heinz Fassmann and Elisabeth Musil: Data requirement paper for measuring longer term migratory,labour market and human capital processes. The papers are available on the SEEMIG website here and here.
    • 11-13 February 2013, Vienna: SEEMIG project partners met for the second Transnational Working Group Meeting to have an overview on  latest developments of the project. Researchers from RIRNM held the following presentations: Horváth István -  Data Requirement Paper for Measuring Longer Term Migratory, Labour Market and Human Capital Processes; Kiss Tamás - Romania: Inconsistencies of the Main Internal Data Sources on Population Stock and Migration. More information can be found on the SEEMIG web-page.
    • 8 November 2012, Sfântu Gheorghe: press conference entitled Local authorities' participation in the evaluation of demographic data. At the conference was presented the SEEMIG project, its main objectives and expected results of the collaboration. The announcement of the conference (in English) can be downloaded from here .
    • 19-20 September 2012, Bratislava:  Launching Conference . Seventy-five professors, researchers, experts and representatives of various level public administrators including local governments gathered in Bratislava for the launching conference of SEEMIG. For more information please visit the SEEMIG homepage.