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  Department of studies, analysis and research

    Anghel Remus Gabriel - researcher
    Fosztó László- researcher
    Gidó Attila - researcher, head of department
    Jakab Albert Zsolt - researcher
    Kiss Tamás - researcher
    Kozák Horaţiu Iuliu - researcher
    Könczei Csongor - researcher
    Lăcătuş Crăciun Ioan - researcher
    Peti Lehel - researcher
    Székely István Gergő - researcher
    Toma Stefánia - researcher
    Veress Ilka - researcher
    Adriana Cupcea - researcher


    The activities of the twenty researchers are coordinated by the head the department appointed by the President.

    The researchers from the Department of Studies, Analysis and Research have the following duties:

    • to carry out studies, research projects and reviews in the field of research on national minorities
    • to coordinate research projects in specific fields;
    • to prepare research projects and submit funding proposals to various financing organisations with the approval of the President;
    • to maintain and develop relations with organisations of national minorities and to promote experience sharings with other research institutions;
    • to edit information bulletins and research reports;
    • to participate at conferences and cultural /scientific events;
    • to represent and promote the image of the Institute.