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  Documentation Centre

    Who are we?

    Bokor Zsuzsa - researcher 
    Filipovici Anca - researcher
    Hossu Iulia - researcher  
    Kiss Ágnes - researcher
    Plainer Zsuzsa - researcher
    Virginás Péter - researcher 
    Kormos Katalin - researcher - head of department 


    The role of the Documentation Centre is to promote and strengthen research on national minorities from Romania. The Centre is made up of a team of young researchers with different backgrounds (sociology,anthropology, political science and humanities) who manage various projects run by ISPMN.

    What do we offer?

    Access to specialized literature and primary data

    ISPMN Publishing house (recently accredited as a scientific publisher by the National Research Council-CNCS) is producing publications concerning the Institute's research projects as well as works of external researchers. The books and working papers published in Romanian, English and Hungarian can partially be accessed on both the Institute's webpage and Google Books.

    The ISPMN library provides access to current social science literature. The library holdings include approximately 4.000 books and journals. The webbased catalogue of the library can be accessed from the Institute's webpage. Open to the public, the library has a reading/study room where users can read various electronic resources, such as JSTOR and some Routledge journals.

    The Documentation Centre's own databases and statistics can be accessed online as part of various projects (i.e. Press monitoring on national minorities, Thematic compilations, ISPMN Data bank, National minority institutional cadastre, Ethnic maps).

    Our movie collection includes more than 100 documentaries and feature films, which can be watched in the library. The list of available movies can be downloaded from the Institute's webpage. The Documentation Centre also has a monthly movie seminar open to the public.

    Information on current scientific activities

    The ISPMN Newsletters serve to improve the visibility of research on national minorities and to facilitate the exchange of information between interested institutions and authors. Our monthly newsletters can be received by e-mail or read on the Institute's webpage.

    Professional training - students' professional practice and internships

    As part of the Institute's collaboration with various universities, students may complete their professional practice at the Institute and so they can benefit from the guidance of the Institute's researchers. At the same time, both undergraduate and MA students can fulfill internships at the Institute. Furthermore, students may obtain professional assistance upon request in order to prepare and develop their own research projects.