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  Scientific Council

    Adriana Cupcea – scientific secretary

    Peti Lehel – member

    Virginás Péter  – member 

    Székely István Gergő – member

    Bokor Zsuzsa - member


    The Scientific Council provides assistance to the President in his/her exercise of competences. The Scientific Council consists of five members selected from among the researchers employed by the Institute and it is coordinated by a Scientific secretary appointed by the President selected from the members of the council.

    The Scientific Council will meet monthly or more frequently as required. The Scientific Council is convoked by the President or at the demand of at least three members.

    Both departments (i.e. the Documentation Center and the Department of Studies, Analysis and Research) shall have members in the Scientific Council.

    The Scientific Council contributes to the strategic development policy of the Institute.

    The Scientific Council will act as jury in the case of internal research projects.

    The Scientific Council has the following duties:

    • to establish the criteria for scientific evaluation;
    • to evaluate professional requirements for the publications of the Institute;
    • to initiate institutional research projects;
    • to initiate partnerships with similar institutions;
    • to draw up specific chapters in the strategic development plan;
    • to make proposals to promote or advance the researchers in scientific ranks;
    • to prepare annual reports about the scientific activity of the Institute.