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  MigRom12 - The immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe: Causes, effects, and future engagement strategies


    The presence of Roma migrants from Romania on the streets of major western European cities has been the centre of public debates, and regarded by many as a challenge to social integration, law and order, human rights and EU mobility principles.

    MigRom12 will investigate the experiences, motivations, and ambitions of Roma migrants and popular, media and official reactions to Roma immigration. MigRom12 intend to carry out interviews in a selection of Romanian towns that are key centres of Roma emigration, and among immigrant Rom originating from these communities in France, Italy, Spain and the UK. 

    MigRom12 will observe local reactions to the Roma immigrants and processes of friction as well as integration, and assess the factors involved, such images, clashes in customs and expectations, competition over resources and attention of the authorities, and more. 

    Throughout the process, MigRom12 will involve young members of the immigrant Roma community in documenting their situation and in articulating their needs. The project will produce a comparative ethnography of Romanian Roma migrants in a selection of larger western European cities, as well as a policy paper outlining good practice and positive engagement strategies.


    Proposal: 319901
    Funding scheme: Collaborative Project (small or medium-scale focused research project)
    Activity Activity 5: The Citizen in the European Union
    Research area: -
    Topic: Dealing with diversity and cohesion: the case of the Roma in the European Union
    Estimated EC contribution: €2.487.903
    Starting date: 01.04.2013
    Duration: 48 months
    Title: The immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe: Causes, effects, and future engagement strategies
    Acronym: MigRom12
    Keywords: -
    Web site: -
    Coordinator: The University of Manchester
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Partners' List:
    • Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'homme
      Michel Wieviorka
      Paris, France
    • Universidad de Granada
      Maria Dolores Suarez Ortega
      Granada, Spain
    • Universita Degli Studi di Verona
      Luigina Mortari
      Verona, Italy
    • Institutul Pentru Studierea Problemelor Minoritatilor Nationale
      Istvan Horváth
      Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    • Manchester City Council
      Wilson Andy
      Manchester, United Kingdom
    • Forum Europeen pour les Roms et les Gens du Voyage
      Robert Rustem
      Strasbourg, France
    EC Scientific Officer: DG RTD.B 
    Contact: Marie RAMOT


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