Lead partner

Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci Onlus

The Michelucci Foundation was established in 1982, it coordinates numerous projects and research, developingprograms and proposals to integrate the local policies on the most relevant urban problems. It coordinates Regionalobservatory on Roma and Sinti settlements.    




The Centre for Ethnographic Research and Applied Anthropology (CREAa) at University of Verona proposes itself asone of the first institutional bodies for research at the international level for the systematic study of antiziganism. 



Centro en Rede de Investigaçao em Antropologia (CRIA) is a Portuguese centre for social and cultural anthropology. His general objectives are: culture: practices, politics, displays; migrations, ethnicity, citizenship; power, knowledge, mediations.




 The International Centre for Guidance Studies at University of Derby (iCeGS)has a strong research culture with a particular expertise in applied research.




The Department of Romology at University of Pécs was established in 2001. The department program is interdisciplinary, and the courses cover the mainstream of Gypsy/Roma studies in cultural anthropology, the sociology of education, and linguistics. 




Taller de Antropologìa y Cencias Sociales Aplicadas (Taller ACSA) is a Spanish no-profit organization founded by a group of anthropologist specialized in migration studies, minority studies and cultural studies.




The Romanian Institute For Research On National Minorities ( ISPMN) conducts inter- and multidisciplinary studies with regard to the preservation, development and expression of ethnic identity, as well as about social, historical, cultural, linguistic, religious or other aspects of national minorities and of other ethnic communities living in Romania.  




Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Récits Cultures et Sociétés (LIRCES) is one of the major laboratories of the faculty Literature, Arts and Human Sciences of the University of Nice ,where ethnologists, linguistics and 'narratologists' investigate reality with reference to linguistic devices and to the production of texts.