Schimbări în agricultura rurală într-o localitate din Transilvania/The changes of rural farming in a Transylvanian settlement

The article analyzes the changes occurred in a Transylvanian village farming. First part of the paper focuses on the economic and social frameworks and context of the rural farming. The main part of the analysis based on the theoretical concepts of pluriactivity, diversification and food self-provisioning and the conceptualization of the special literature analyzes the economic strategies of a Romanian village, seeking to present a typology based on nature of economic strategies. The author argues that the main strategy is pluriactivity, however the limited forms of diversification are also present in the farming patterns of the village, which mark a shift toward a more specialized, profit oriented farming. Near this strategies the food self-provisioning is also present, what is more there has appeared new ideologies and meanings regarding to food very well known mostly from the western countries' alternative food networks.