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  Horváth István

    Contact Information

    E-mail: ihorvath66@yahoo.com, i.horvath@ispmn.gov.ro



    Professional Experience

    October 2007 - present Chair of the Research Institute for National Minorities

    2003 to present university lecturer at the Department of Sociology, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj (member of the department since 1991)

    2003 to present editor in chief of Erdélyi Társadalom sociological journal

    2003 to September 2007 director of the Research Centre for Interethnic Relations (assistant director of the institution since 1993)

    2001 to present Chancellor (deputy dean) of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance, Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj

    Education and training

    2002 PhD in Philosophy of History at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj – Title of thesis Language, Identity Ethnicity; coordinators Prof. PhD Gáll Erno, prof. PhD Vasile Musca

    2000-2001 Scholarship to New Europe College - Bucharest

    1987-1991 BA in philosophy-sociology at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj

    1998 Scholarship to the Hungarian Science Academy (Domus)

    1996 Documentation Scholarship in the USA financed by the United States Information Agency

    1994 Scholarship to Berghof Centre for Peaceful Conflict Resolution, Berlin

    Participation in international conferences (selectively in the last five years)

    2006 Rouen-Paris “Travail social, ethnicité et lutte contre les discriminations en Europe. L’intervention sociale face au racisme” organised by Laboratoire d’Etude et de Recherche Sociales, Institut du Développement Social

    2005 Hamburg “New Patterns of East-West Migration in Europe” organized by Hamburg Institute of International Economics.

    2005 Pécs Késomodern etnicitások – diskurzusok, elbeszélések, performanszok organized by MTA Etnikai- és Nemzeti Kisebbségkutató Intézet

    2005 Budapest - III Erasmus Conference

    2003 Warsaw (Poland) Past, Present and Future of European East-West Migrations: Old Predicaments and New Challenges organized by Humboldt Universität Berlin

    2003 Baltimore (USA), The twenty-eighth annual meeting of the Social Science History Association, organized by the Social Science History Association

    2002 Budapest Demographic evolutions in Central and Eastern Europe in the light of the censuses held at the beginning of the new millennium organized by Teleki Institute.

    Research work (selectively in the last five years)

    2005-2006 An Analysis of the Implementation of Minority Rights Legislation in Romania; Beneficiary Director - the Interethnic Relations Department of the Romanian Government

    2006 Intolerance, Xenophobia and Interethnic Relations on the Eve of European Integration; Beneficiary Director - the Interethnic Relations Department of the Romanian Government

    2006 An Analysis of the Migratory Potential of Adult Population in the Counties of Transylvania; Beneficiary director TARKI Social Analysis Institute (Hungary)

    2005-2007 An Analysis of the Romanian Hungarians’ Bilingualism; individual project financed by the Hungarian Science Academy

    2005-2007 Community Force Director for România – international project on research and policy formulation on integration of marginal minority population

    2007 - In progress - participation in the ‘CEEX Disparities’ research project for application of health services in the North-West development region. Patterns and Socio-economic Causes financed by VIASAN, organized by “Babes-Bolyai” University in partnership with the Medicine and Pharmacy University from Cluj and the Interethnic Relations Research Centre from Cluj (Director: Prof. PhD. Livia Popescu)

    1998-2006 research series – A Radiography of the Romanian Hungarian’s public opinion The Interethnic Relations Research Centre from Cluj - project coordinator (over eight surveys carried out on representative focus groups)

    2001-2005 Ethnic Migration and the Representation of Ethnic Interests- Humboldt Universität Berlin, international research programme; member in the international research team coordinated by Prof PhD. Rainer Münz.