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  Evaluare și recenzare manuscrise

    The ISPMN Publishing House is focusing on publishing books in in the field minority studies and interethnic relations, and thereby contributing to the development of the publishing landscape in Romania, as well as fostering the interethnic climate.The publishing house addresses both specialized readers (researchers, students and teachers in the fields of social sciences and humanities specialists at public institutions responsible for national minorities in Romania, as well as interested NGOs) and the wider public interested in these specific topics.

    The publishing house has been providing a platform for researchers affiliated with the Romanian Institute of National Minorities (RIRNM), whose works often are based on research projects carried out either individually or collectively. The scientific texts of researchers and academic scholars (both in the country and abroad) are met with the same interest. These are chanelled either at events organized by ISPMN (national and international conferences, seminars, round tables, as well as presentation and discussion of articles and manuscripts relevant to the above mentioned fields), or are being developed following the researchers' participation at similar scientific events held elsewhere. 

    The RIRNM also regularly launches calls for papers on specialist networks, thus receiving manuscript proposals for publication from internationally recognized specialists in their fields. By publishing valuable works the visibility of ISPMN Publishing House has been increased so that presently it is being considered a landmark among the scholarly publishing houses within the region. Last but not least, similarly to partnerships and scientific research projects carried out with universities and research institutions, the ISPMN Publishing House has been collaborating with other publishing houses as well.

    The ISPMN Publishing House has been concerned since the beginning of its activity with the quality of the manuscripts printed under its auspices. Thus, similar to internationally acclaimed scholarly publishers, the editorial team has set up a committee of external members to evaluate manuscripts. They are specialists from various fields such as history, ethnography, anthropology, sociology and affiliated with prestigious institutions.The reviewing procedure for the manuscripts selected for publication is initiated by the Scientific Council of the RIRNM which forwards them to the reviewers. The network of external reviewers developed in the course of the publishing activities is related to the subjects or topics covered by the authors / works proposed for publication. The reviewer network of the ISPMN  publishing house includes university teachers, researchers and other specialists.The experience and expertise of the editorial team, the rigorous observance of the editorial rules as well as the operational procedures concerning the publishing activities (including the peer review procedure) have contributed to a significant increase in the quality of the material published. The editorial team and the members of the Scientific Council have an important role in assigning texts and appointing the reviewers. The reviewers are selected or proposed in accordance with the theme of the papers submitted for publication and correlated with their expertise in the field. The peer review process involves both anonymous, single blind and open reviews.