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  11 April 2013: Book launch



The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities invites you to the launch of  the book Romanes.Tradiţia integrării la romii gabori din Transilvania [Romanes.The tradition of integration among the Transylvanian Gabor Gypsies], the Romanian translation of the  volume written by Martin Olivera (entitled Romanès". L´intégration traditionnelle des Gabori de Transylvanie).


The presentation will be held by anthropologist Iulia Haşdeu, the book's proofreader.


The book launch will be followed by a roundtable discussion about traditional forms of inclusion of the Roma in local communities.


Anthropologists invited to the discussion include Martin Olivera (France),

Iulia Haşdeu (Switzerland/Romania), Elisabeth Tauber (Italy), Cătălina Tesar (Romania) and Gergő Pulay (Hungary).

Moderator: László Fosztó

The discussions will be held in English.

The event will take place on April 11 from 4 p.m., at the RIRNM (G. Muzicescu st 5, Cluj-Napoca).

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