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The Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities and Cărtureşti Library invite you to the launch of the book Două decenii. Evreii din Cluj în perioada interbelică  [Two Decades. The Jews of Cluj between the Two World Wars]. The event will be held at Cărtureşti Library (located on the groundfloor of Iulius Mall shopping centre in Cluj-Napoca) on February 5th at 7 p.m. Ladislau Gyémánt (university professor) and Andrea Ghiţă (tv-producer) will present the publication; its author, Attila Gidó will be also present at the event.

The main topic of this book is the history of the Jewish community in Cluj in the inter-war period. It is a tentative for a monograph, with interdisciplinary approaches using the classical research methods of history, but also elements from sociology and anthropology. The author sets itself an aim to present this topic from the point of view of identity and social integration. The history of the Transylvanian Jewry, and of Cluj as well, went through a metamorphosis after the WWI. Their social stratification, cultural life, the institutional system, political attitude, economic role have changed. Thus, the process of integration and assimilation to the Hungarian community had slowed down or in some cases even stopped, due to the geopolitical changes and internal political and social events.