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  Film seminar

The Institute's Documentation Centre invites you on 20 March 2013 to the screening of the documentary The Legacy (A hagyaték) directed by Zoltán Füredi. The screening will be followed by discussions moderated by Zsuzsa Plainer (researcher at the RIRNM).

Synopsis: as a result of her long-time fieldwork in Khanti Maisk, Siberia, researcher Éva Schmidt compiled a unique collection of local folklore. After her unexpected death in 2002, three of her Hungarian colleagues leave for the region to bring the legacy back home. To their big surprise, a shaman is awaiting the group in Beloiarsk to assist in opening the lockers that contain the collection. The classification of the legacy makes reveals not just its content but also the researcher's special, intimate relation to the Siberian minority and the circumstances of her tragic death, too.