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  Tirolul de Sud - un model de autonomie şi convieţuire?

    The study presents the main aspects of the system of minorities' protection in the Italian autonomous province of South Tyrol. After a short overview of the historical events necessary for understanding the present context, the paper focuses on the legal and institutional features of the 1972 Statute of Autonomy. The performance of the system is assessed through a detailed analyze of its three key elements: the mechanism of "linguistic quotas" used for the proportional distribution of the public postsand fi nancial resources among South Tyroleans, Italians and Ladins; the organization and functioning of the education in South Tyrol; the linguistic rights in relations with administrative and judicial authorities. The research is based on the existing legal framework, on Italian and international courts jurisprudence and on relevant academic literature in the fi eld. Last but not least, the paper off ers a précis of the fi nancial arrangements between Italian state and the autonomous province of South Tyrol and explains the fiscal benefi ts of the South Tyrolean autonomy.